Bradshaw Knives

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Some various pictures of knives and other things that have been made in the past.
Bradshaw Knives are quality handmade knives that are 100% made in the USA.  These knives are backed by the guarentee that if you have any problem with a knife it will be taken care of to your satisfaction.
Bradshaw Knives are made of Damascus with various handle types.  I have made handles with all types of wood, various horns, camel and cow bone, mammoth tooth ivory, brain coral, synthetic materials, and Damascus.  All materials are stabilized.

There are several different designs I do most often.  They are the Duckskinner, Saline River Skinner, White River Fillet Knife, The Ouachita, just to name a few, and the new folders that are limited in number.  I will also design a custom knife for the buyer.

I also hand make each sheath to fit your individual knife.  All sheaths have a Kydex liner for safety and to hold the knife in place better.

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