Bradshaw Knives

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 The Bighorn  Folding Knife (pocket knife)
Price range from $295 and up depending on handles. This knife has bighorn sheep handles, mosaic damascus bolsters, and the sheath is leather with alligator inlay.

The Canoe Folder
Price Range $250 and up

The Caddo
Price Range $225 and up

Saline River Skinner
 Price Range $200 and up

The Indian Creek Caper
Price Range $175and up

Hawk's bill Boot Knife
Price Range $175-$200
The new Ponca blade for 2015 has been a very hot item.
The newest blades for this year are the Desoto (BOTTOM PHOTO) and the Dos Rios (TOP BLADE).
The knives below are:
Photo 1  Little Red (top 2 knives)   Little Blakely (bottom 3 knives)
Photo 2 The Razorback
Photo 3 The Ponca
Photo 4 Desoto
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